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Key West

Not a happy diver.  This tug could have made it, should have made it but never try to go to The Tortugas. This is the 52" trawler that never made it to the Tortugas.  That's another long story.   Us divers aboard were very upset.  The other people were happy to just float around and soak up the sun.  We were on a mission...Dry Tortugas or bust.

The extra large Jew fish was hiding in a wreck somewhere south of Key West.

We abandoned the trawler, rented car drove to Key West,  rented a speed boat and made it to the Tortugas for my birthday.   This is a 28" Baja that took us at high speed to my best vacation yet.

The boat was great.  We entered in the coordinates to The Tortugas and took off at 40 knots.  Small problem...   the GPS quit working!  We were still in sight of Key West, so should have gone back,  But after a short discussion, we continued on without GPS.  The Tortugas are about 70 miles West of Key West.  I thought if we miss them, we'll just have turn around and try to find the Keys.

We stopped a couple of  times to play in the clear water and lost tract of time.  The Tortugas are about 2 hours at 40 knots,  we had to guess how long we had been heading West.  After about 2 hours, we thought we might have missed them.  We kept West for another 30 min, then another 15, then just as we started to worry....  we saw a speck on the horizon.  The speck was the tip of the light house!

Large Jewfish hiding in the wreck
BajaandMarcos.jpg (14608 bytes)  
Nautical charts are handy.  The Dry Tortugas are due West...I hope. Giant Green eel

After searching and almost giving up, we made it! 
We dived and snorkeled and had a good time walking around the fort.  On the way back we saw a couple of turtles mating on the surface.  We all took pictures with three different cameras,  none of the pictures came out.   It is odd that none of the pictures of the turtles came out.   Must be something to do with the Bermuda Triangle.  

We'll have to go back and take more pictures.

Life only gets better when you're a diver.  We need to get the the next dive sight as soon as possible.  Keep an eye on the GPS and keep the throttle down.

Next trip In February.
We fly to Ft. Lauderdale drive a van to Key West.  
Stay in Key West Friday night - Tuesday morning.   Saturday morning we get the  boat and  head off for a diving adventure.  With a good GPS we can find several dives sites and dive all we want.  We rent 3 tanks each,  the boat cost about $180 each for all day diving.   This is a bargain considering a three hour,  2- tank-dive cost about $80.  Sunday and Monday we relax, dive again, shop or  hang out at the beach or at the pool.

Four nights in Key West and our own boat for all day diving to and from the Dry Tortugas cost $650 per person double occupancy, not including airfare, and food.
South West has specials to Ft. Lauderdale for about $120 round trip from Nashville.
Email  for more information.
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483