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Rescue Divers Debbie and Bobby

Scuba with Don and Don

SCUBA Training Dives
You must make FOUR Open Water Dives to become 
PADI Scuba Certified.

You have 3 options to complete 
your 4 checkout dives.

 1. Checkout Dives in TN $185
2.   Checkout Dives in FL $$100

3. Checkout dives in the Caribbean $99

After you have learned and practiced all the skills in the pool,  we get to go diving. You must complete four checkout dives to get PADI Certified.  In the summer we go to a local rock quarry set up just for SCUBA diving.  In the winter we go South for warmer water.  Florida trips are exiting. We leave on Friday and come back on Sunday.  Ask about our Caribbean vacation certification trips.
The four check-out dives is the most exciting part of the SCUBA Lessons.  During these four training dives I will ask you to perform the skills you practiced in the pool. 
After the four dives you will receive a temporary PADI Scuba card.  You may dive anywhere in the world with your temporary card.  Your official PADI SCUBA certification card will arrive in about two weeks.


Scuba certification in KY

Very happy when wet

Jason, Marcos, Miguel;. Advanced scuba studentsScuba Lessons

In the summer there are many places to go diving in TN.  We try to go to as many as possible.  The clearest lake in TN Dale Hollow Lake is very nice.  We rent a large dive boat and play on the water all day.  Close to Nashville there are several scuba quarries. I use or
The quarries are set up exclusively for scuba divers, and scuba students.  
There are underwater platforms for the pool portion of the class.  After you learn and practice the scuba skills on the platforms, you're ready to go diving. 





Martha's SCUBA Quarry
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483