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Scuba Lessons $215,  Dive on vacation.

Scuba  Referral,
Take class and pool training here before you go on  vacation.  You dive on your vacation and come back a certified diver.  $195

You may dive
on your vacation!


Lisa, Tim, Daryle, and Nyma.  Photo by Micahel Bowman

Mini Vacation
August  26-28  2016

 Certified Divers and Students $299
(Non Diver $195 for 2 nights).
+  Condo on the beach 2 nights (Friday and Saturday)
+   Saturday 2-tank Boat Dive with Panama City Dive Shop
+  Sunday dive the freshwater springs near Panama City
+  2 Rental Scuba Tanks
Half price Gear Rental for Parrot Club Members.

Scuba Training in Heated Pool

Pool Training
We use the large indoor heated pool at the Gallatin Civic Center
210 Albert Gallatin Ave, Gallatin, TN 37066

The classroom is in Hendersonville. You have the option of coming to Hendersonville, or I can go to your home for class.

Dive On your Vacation!

Complete your Classroom and Pool Training in TN and the dives in the Caribbean.

PADI Scuba Referral $195  (PRINT BROCHURE)

Scuba Class     Hendersonville, Nashville,     Print PADI Open Water Diver Brochure.    Gallatin, Cookeville, Hendersonville TN

Great GIFT idea!  Its simple.  You may sign up for lessons and pay online.  I'll bring or mail you the study materials. 

Call for Scuba Lessons
8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

I believe the best way to learn to SCUBA dive is by actually diving. 
With me you'll spend more time underwater actually diving.

You may start your SCUBA Lessons at anytime.
You will progress at your own pace. I don't keep all students in a group. You won't be stuck in a set group. Join any class or any pool session.  Check the Calendar and get on the Roster.

Summer Special.
We have our own private SCUBA Quarry in Nashville.
Only fifteen minutes from down town, just off McCrory Lane and I-40
Get certified in 2 or 3 days.

PADI Certification is performance based. You must comfortably and safely perform all required skills. Some students may require more than 3 days.
Private check-out dives during the week and weekends!
PADI Scuba Certification dives every week all summer long.

Snorkel & Skin Diver Training


Snorkel & Skin Diver Training
Snorkel on you vacation!

The PADI Skin Diver program is an is an excellent pre-training experience for adults and children who want to explore the wonders of the underwater world without getting SCUBA certified.

Successful completion of the PADI Skin Diver course results in PADI  Skin Diver certification.

What is included?

  • Fins

  • Mask

  • Snorkel vest 

  • Extra Bonus Try Scuba in the pool too!

What will you do?
In the pool you'll master skills such as snorkel blast clearing, removing and replacing a weight belt, hand signals & swimming under water. You can then apply what you've learn on a supervised skin dive.  You will even get to try scuba diving in the pool if you want.  

Try Scuba

$25  Try Scuba in Pool  or   PADI Pool Refresher 

This is your chance to try scuba without signing up for class.  Spend a couple hours diving in a large deep indoor heated pool.  If you decide you like scuba, you may deduct the $25 from your PADI scuba certification regular price.  I'll bring an underwater camera so you may take pictures of yourself and friends.  If you have not dived in a couple years you may need a PADI Scuba Refresher. If you have not dived in several years you will need more then a refresher.

Print and fill out the TRY SCUBA form, and bring to the pool.

Divng Class Is Fun

Sign up now Online for your PADI scuba lessons.


Cool Dive Shirts  $15


PADI Open Water Certification
Beginning Scuba Diver

You have 3 Options

1. PADI Scuba Referral, Complete Class and pool training here and the 4 check-out dives on your vacation with another PADI Instructor. Dive on your vacation!

2. Complete PADI Open Water Diver Certification with me. Class and pool and 4 check-out dives with me in TN as soon as the water warms back up. 

3. Florida Mini Vacation Complete PADI Open Water Diver Certification. Class and pool training now and we go to sunny FL for your 4 PADI Open Water Check-out dives.  FLORIDA

Scuba Certification in Bonaire

Get Scuba Certified in Bonaire!  Only $175 for complete certification when you sign up for Bonaire Dive Vacation.



$25 DVD Deposit. 
$7.95 Shipping

1.     $195   (Regular $225)  PRINT BROCHURE
PADI Scuba Referral Open Water Diver

Complete class and pool training with me $175.  I will then refer you to another PADI instructor in the Caribbean or Florida for your 4 check-out dives.  The PADI instructor in the Caribbean will charge you about $250 for the 4 dives.  I have several PADI instructor friends in Florida who charge about $185 for the 4 check-out dive.


  • Classroom and pool training.
  • PADI Referral form.
  • Free Dive Training Scuba Magazine subscription

You won't find a better deal in Nashville Guaranteed!


My Scuba Classroom comfortably seats large groups of up to 8 Students.

I prefer smaller classes of 4 or 5 students.  All I need is 3 students to have a class. Call me to set  your own schedule.



Open Water Scuba Certification


$25 DVD Deposit. 
$7.95 Shipping 

2.    $295 Special. (Regular $349)
Complete PADI Open Water Diver Scuba Certification with dives completed locally.

BEST DEAL for Complete PADI Certification in the Summer.

  • Classroom
  • Pool training
  • Four SCUBA Check-out Dives
  • Dive Training Scuba Magazine subscription FREE
  • Extra fifth Dive after you're certified. FREE

Not Included:

  • Food
  • Wetsuit
  • Entrance fee to Scuba Park, Quarry fees or out of state dive trip.
  • PADI Manual

This is for complete PADI certification.  You will complete your 4 check-out dives in TN this Summer. Sign up now you have 6 months to start your PADI dive training, and one year to finish.


Winter special available

October 1-May 30






3.   $360 Florida Winter Certification Vacation.  

BEST DEAL for Complete PADI Certification in the winter.

Open Water Diver
 Complete PADI Certification
"Beginning Scuba"
Includes Your 4 PADI Check-out dives in Florida.

Complete Certification Includes:

  • Classroom sessions in Hendersonville.
  • 3 Pool sessions at the Gallatin Civic Center
  • Boat Dives in Panama City Florida!
  • 4 check out dives in Florida
  • Free Scuba gear rental.

Not Included:

  • Food
  • Wetsuit
  • PADI Dive Manual
  • Hotel in FL

*$195 Includes PADI Referral for all pool training and classroom sessions in TN.

*$195 Includes the 4 Open Water dives, on the jetties or springs depending on conditions and day 4 is on the boat (weather permitting). There is NO additional fee for rental gear or the boat trip.

$195+$165 = $360 for complete PADI SCUBA certification!

Buy NO Gear!  I supply everything for the pool training dives, and the FL PADI instructor will supply scuba gear for the 4 Check-out dives.

Dive shirts only $15




Continue Your Scuba Education
A good diver is always learning. 
I teach all levels of PADI certification from beginner to Assistant Instructor.

$250 + $25 DVD Deposit

$250  Advanced Open Water
Five Scuba Dives Included

Advanced is the most fun.  Mostly all we do is dive, there is very little studying. 
Save $100 if you sign up for advanced at the same time as your Open Water Diver course.  
You save $50 cash and get free gear rental for your dives, a value of $50, for a total saving of $100.

For the Advanced Open Water Lessons,  you should have or rent your own equipment.   I provide  tanks and air. You will have to make five actual dives (check-out dives).  You will need a wetsuit for the deep dive in TN.  The location of the checkout dives is up to you.  In the Summer we dive locally at no additional cost, in the winter we go to FL,  add $295. 

Advanced Wreck dive



$275  PADI Rescue Diver
Minimum of 12 Scuba Dives Included

Rescue Diver students should have your own SCUBA and rescue equipment.  I provide  tanks and air. There will be 5 training sessions over two days.   

  • Self-rescue and diver stress
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Panicked diver response
  • In-water rescue breathing protocols
  • Egress (exits)
  • Dive accident scenarios
Rescue Diver


$50  Emergency First Responder CPR 
Learn CPR and  refine your ability to prevent
problems and develop specific skills
to respond to a diving emergency.


Scuba in Bonaire

Oxygen Provider 

$75 Includes Manual.

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course
Be the one ready to help a fellow diver should the need arise by becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider.
The Fun Part
Breathe easy—knowing that you know how to recognize illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen. Being the best buddy you can be means being prepared – especially in a time of need.
You learn how to
  • Recognize diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen
  • Properly setup equipment
  • Administer emergency oxygen



$450 Master Scuba Diver  
Includes 5 Specialties of your choice.

NITROX, Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Wreck Diver, Underwater Navigation...

All you need is 5 PADI Specialties and Rescue Diver.





$495 Dive Master   
Minimum of 40 Scuba Dives

Dive Master Course Outline .PDF

PADI Dive Master study manuals and teaching slates.  (PADI Divemaster Crewpack 60020) $155

Dive Master candidates should have your own SCUBA and rescue equipment.  You will have to purchase additional books.   I provide tanks and air.  
Most of the time you'll dive for free when you're helping me with students.
There may be addition expenses for ac
tual scuba trip cost and entrance fees to the many different dive sites.


PADI Dive Masters, set up and ready to help new students.

My PADI Dive Masters are the best.  Thank you very much guys for helping me.




PADI IDC Staff instructors are qualified to certify students from
Beginner Open Water to Assistant Instructor.

An IDC Staff Instructor can teach and certify Assistant Instructors only if they are working with a PADI Five Star Dive Center or a PADI Five Star IDC facility.

I recommend  Island Hoppers in Nashville, and Emerald Coast Scuba in Destin FL. Take your I.D.C


Scuba Specialties
I can certify you in most any PADI specialty you want, and if I can't I'll find an instructor who will. 


$99 + $25 DVD Deposit
Scuba NITROX    NITROX  $99 special
  $76 OFF regular $175 With purchase of any other lesson.
Dive longer, feel better, and have shorter minimum surface intervals.  
I'll show you how to analyze your mixture.

$99  Dive Propulsion Vehicle
$99 Underwater Navigation
$99 Search & Recovery  
$99 Boat Diver  +price of boat trip in FL

Enriched Air Diver  Dive NITROX



$125 Deep Diver
Night Diver Specialty $125
Wreck Diver $125



$75 Peak Performance Buoyancy
Learn and practice how to get neutral.  Save air and energy by not fighting to stay up.  Make your air last longer.


$250  Underwater Photography Training  + Enhanced Photo Editing     
Includes PADI video presentation, classroom and pool session.
Plus digital download and Photoshop enhancement.  

Complete underwater photography training by 
Professional Underwater Photographer Michael Bowman.  
 Michael will teach everything you need to know to edit ,  print and  
publish your own professional photographs.
Scuba Instructor Michael Bowman


The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

All scuba lessons prices are based on 2 or more students in class.
Scuba Lessons are Non transferable and Non refundable
Learn to scuba dive in Nashville and middle TN with PADI scuba instructor Marcos.
You may take your scuba lessons go on dive trips and buy dive gear all with me.

Ask a Question or join my email list.
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483