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April 14 -21 , 2018

PADI Scuba Certification Special
Get Certified on vacation in Bonaire.  Do you want to go on a dive vacation but you're not a scuba diver?  Now is your chance!  Get scuba certified on your vacation. 

Sign up for the Bonaire trip now and start your scuba lessons today.  
Complete your check-out dives with us in Bonaire $195

Diving with Wannadive Bonaire Dive shop

Diving with Wanna Dive

We had a hard time getting everyone together for a picture.  Too much fun and too many places to dive.

Bonaire Dive Hotel Link

Staying at Eden Beach Resort

$75 PADI Specialty Certifications in Bonaire
PRINT PADI Specialties

Sign up for PADI specialties.
Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, Search & Recovery,  Boat Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy and many more.

Bonaire is the best place to earn your Master Scuba Diver Rating.

No Schedules just fun!
Every year I think this was the best trip yet...  then we go back and it gets better. 
So much fun with so many friends.  Life is good and keeps getting better. 
We have the most repeat customers for a good reason.

We have so much fun everyone keeps coming back and bringing more and more friends.  You don't even have to be a scuba diver. 
Come sit on the beach, or try SCUBA for free.  You'll love scuba,  if not... then have fun anyway you're on a Caribbean Beach.
Every room will have your own 4-door truck.   Dive buddies everywhere 24/7, dive with any of the 60 or go exploring with your buddy. 
 Romantic diving with your partner or diving with the group, you'll have the

best Scuba Adventures for your money with Scuba Nashville and Parrot Island Dive Club.

 Print Bonaire Scuba Brochure

Lisa, Tim, Daryle, and Nyma.  Photo by Micahel Bowman
Photo taken by Underwater Photographer Michael Bowman;
Lisa, Tim, Daryle, and Nyma.

Unlimited Shore Diving: Visibility averages 100 feet, and Bonaire's reefs enjoy the highest diversity of reef fish in the Caribbean.  In addition to over 350 different species of reef fish you may see hawksbill and green sea turtles, sea horses, rays, tarpon, reef sharks, seahorses, frogfish, and even the occasional whale shark. Bonaire's extensive reef system also hosts a prolific number of both soft and hard corals and sponges.


Rest in the shade have your drinks brought to you.

The hotel is conveniently located on a sandy beach only a few minutes from town.  The Dive shop and your scuba tanks are only steps away.

Flight  Schedule
Airfare is not included.  The airfare goes up and down.  Please let us know if you find a cheaper flight.

I fly Delta from Nashville. 


$99 Open Water Certification Dives (Regular $185)
$150 Advanced Certification (reg. $255)
Wreck Diver $75,  Deep Diver $75,
Night Diver $95 Underwater Navigator...
$95 NITROX (reg. $175)

Dive anywhere you want all day and night.  
The island is one big dive site.  The reef is only a few feet away.

Feeding time at Bonaire Invisibles.  We always see eagle rays on the Southern dive sites. Debbie took several pictures of this one and its mate.

First dive of the week

Bonaire is the Park and Dive Capital of the World, Where you're the Dive Master and the pool is open 24/7. 

Every room gets a truck. Dive with the group or go exploring with your buddy. 

Shore diving here means freedom from dive boats, schedules, crowds and rough seas. The island has the most pristine and healthiest reefs in the world, thanks to the protection afforded by its marine park. You'll find dozens of dive sites, marked by more than 60 highly visible yellow stones along the road.   Load your gear and some tanks in your own truck, and pick a site. Shore diving is what made the island popular among divers more than 30 years ago, and today, it's what keeps divers coming back.

"A Divers Paradise"

Need a roommate? No Problem just let me know.
Upgrade to Premium Boat Package $200
10 Boat dives + truck for unlimited shore dives..
$1110 pp/double includes Hotel 7 nights, rental truck in Bonaire and unlimited Scuba dives.
2 people in studio Apt on the beach with kitchen
 $995 pp/quad Includes Hotel 7 nights, rental truck in Bonaire and unlimited Scuba dives.
4 people in 2 bedroom condo on the beach, upstairs has 2 bedrooms, each with your own bathroom.  Downstairs has kitchen, half bathroom, and sitting area.
$1179 pp/triple Includes Hotel 7 nights , rental truck in Bonaire and unlimited Scuba dives.
3 people in 2 bedroom condo on the beach, upstairs has 2 bedrooms, each with your own bathroom.  Downstairs has kitchen, half bathroom, and sitting area.
Let me know if you need a roommate or roommates.
Non Diver Save $100.
$300 per person Deposit Hotel. Nonrefundable deposit holds your Hotel spot. Final payment due 45 days before we leave. Trip deposits and payments are nonrefundable.
Trip cancellation insurance is recommended to help protect you against unseen emergencies that may disrupt your trip

Spaces are limited.
$300 Nonrefundable Nontransferable Deposit
Credit cards charge us a hefty fee.
We try to keep the cost as low as possible and pass the savings along to you.

If you would rather pay by  credit card there will be a small transaction fee of 4%.
$300 +4%=$312

Please send $300 deposit and payments by check to;
Scuba Nashville
315 West Main St. 
Hendersonville, TN 37075


1-Slide Show
2-Slide Show
Bonaire Web cam

Keeli Slide Show August '07
Ryan Slide Show August '07  +  VIDEO
Marcos Slide show of some trips

We had so much fun in Bonaire that we now plan two Bonaire Trips Every year.

We are staying on the Beach!
The Resort is located on 400 feet of white sandy beach fringed by coconut trees and shady palm trees.

SCUBA Dive T-Shirts

Don't forget your Parrot Island Scuba
Dive Club T-shirts $10

Print Bonaire Scuba Brochure

Included: Hotel, Rental Truck and Unlimited diving and discounted PADI Scuba Certification and Specialties

  • 7 nights studio Apt room with kitchen

  • Resort is on the sandy Beach!

  • Unlimited Tanks for Shore Diving.

  • Dive Shop is located at Hotel

  • Free NITROX upgrade.

  • Truck or car rental to get to the many dive sites, one per Apt.

Not included:

Rental truck tax & optional insurance.

Food and drinks

Marine Park fee $25


Let me know if you need a roommate or roommates.

  In March I rented 24 trucks.  This is the first day when all the divers had to complete a buoyancy check, the only day we were all together.  The non-divers sat on the beach or at our hotel pool.  The rest of the week we were spread all over the island.

Dive Van

One of the trucks broke down and had to be replaced with the "Party Van". Everyone wanted to ride in the miniature clown mobile.  We could fit 21 if we kept the doors open.  It was only about 3 feet wide we were afraid the wind would blow it over.

Let me or one of the many Dive Masters show you the best dives sites.

Some of us had to fly thru Jamaica so we got our picture at Margaretville.


Congratulations to the New Advanced Divers.
Sean, Pat, Lisa, Peter, Daryle

Lunch break. This is where we spotted 2 Sea horses.

NightDive-eel.JPG (64884 bytes)


EagleRay.JPG (20604 bytes)

Reen and Angela

Deep Diver Certification stage tank.

Debbie won  an award for this picture of a Spotted Eagle Ray.

Last night with friends in Paradise.

lighthouse.jpg (31118 bytes)


Pool Time.


Reen Patiently waiting for her husband. notice all the NITROX tanks. 
NITROX for "all day diving"

salt-pile.JPG (6405 bytes)

Bonfire Party in Bonaire

We did walk in dives everywhere.  See where the water changes color? That is the reef.

scuba ParrotHeads in Jamaica

Scuba Tim is a hardcore Parrot Island Diver even at 98 feet in Bonaire.

Bonaire trips are the best Parrot Island Diver trips.  Thank you all who went and made it the most fun group of Parrot Island Divers.


Michael's Photography class was a success.  I have thousands of excellent pictures, too many to use all at once.  I'll be rotating them out all year.

This is the dive from the hotel. Just walk in and dive anytime you want



Saturday to Sunday


Studio 9

George Reynolds

Saturday to Sunday


Studio 10


Saturday -Sunday


Studio 11


Saturday -Sunday


Studio 12 


Studio 2


Studio 13 


Studio 3
Extra Night


Studio 14


Studio 4


Studio 5

Mike Olson  

Studio 6


Studio 7


Studio 8



$20 Boat dive +Paypal convenience  fee $2.50 = $22.50

Cash $20 or PayPal $22.50

Klein Bonaire Boat Dives
Klein is only about a 5 minute hop from Bonaire. 
It is known for more sea life, turtles sea horses rays...
1 tank dive cost $20. Klein is less dived so more animals. We'll go to different location each time. The round trip will take less than 2 hours. The boat holds 12 divers so we'll take turns.

12 Judy    
12 Miriam    
12 Shirley    
10 Thornton    
10 Thornton    

Time slots are not confirmed. This is not the official roster. I'm adding names as people sign up. You may choose times and confirm later.
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483